Celebrate Midsummer in Estes Park
June 24 - 25, 2017
25 Years in Estes Park!


Every good party needs music, dancing, Vikings and beer to celebrate summer the Scandavian way. The best party around is the Estes Park Scandinavian Midsummer Festival!
When ?

While the traditional day for Midsummer is June 21, the summer solstice, Estes Park will hold its celebration on the weekend of June 24 and June 25, 2017.   The festival is open from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday, and from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM Sunday.   Friday evening the Beer Garden will be open from 4-9 PM.   Admission is free.

Where ?

The Festival takes place in Bond Park, in downtown Estes Park at the intersection of Elkhorn (the main street) and MacGregor Ave.

How to get there

Parking Map
What ?

The festivities begin at 10 a.m. Saturday with the raising of the MIDSUMMER POLE, followed by a GRAND MARCH ENTRANCE. Costumed representatives from each of the five Scandinavian countries enter the park carrying the flag of their country, followed by the playing of the national anthems of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Dancing and live music continue all day with many opportunities for young and old to participate in ring and open dances.

Visitors can pay homage to this culture by purchasing a Danish or a handmade craft at one of the many ART AND CRAFT BOOTHS. Some exhibitors will be selling traditional Scandinavian food, baked goods, decorations and traditional art. The folk art of decorative painting on wood, called rosemaling in Norway and dalmaling in Sweden, will be well represented. Other exhibitors will have handcrafted items, such as pottery, fabric, woodworking, jewelry, painting, metal work, photography, glass and more. All the offerings are inspired by the richly cultural region of Scandinavia.

In the CULTURAL TENT children (and adults) can paint a Swedish dala horse, make a flower crown wreath, and watch traditional crafts being demonstrated. One can see demonstrations on how to prepare the famous thin Norwegian potato pancakes at the LEFSE DEMONSTRATION TENT, and can experience the roots of Scandinavian heritage at the FJELBORG VIKING ENCAMPMENT. Their historically correct re-enactment camp will feature swordsmanship, a Viking boat, traditional crafts and daily life displays.   Anyone wearing a traditional or Viking costume to the festival is invited to participate in the highly entertaining FASHION SHOW, held each day.

To complement the ancient Viking history, the festival will also include an ode to more modern Scandinavian technology with a VINTAGE VOLVO AND SAAB AUTO SHOW.   Snapvisor (or Drinking Songs) can be sung in the adults only BEER GARDEN.

To provide support for the festival, there will be a SILENT AUCTION and a RAFFLE.


The festival's goal is to entertain and educate the public about Scandinavian traditions and culture and provide a place for those of Scandinavian descent to gather and share their heritage.

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In the tradition of educational re-enactors, Fjellborg Vikings presents a Viking tent encampment with demonstrations of various skills including textile arts, blacksmithing, and carpenter work.   Throughout the event our warriers will be giving demonstrations of live combat using sword, axe, spear, and shield.

When you visit them, you will have a truly hands-on experience by studying museum quality reproductions of Viking chests, tools, carvings, weapons, and armor.   Viking age re-enactors will provide insights of the home life, merchant trade routes, and conquests of the greatest expansion of European culture, unequaled until the time of Columbus.

Fjellborg Vikings campsite and warrier competitions provide great family fun and educational experience of historical Scandinavian culture of the classic Viking age.


Ron Tomocik from Denver is a versatile accordionist who specializes in Icelandic music. He taught Scandinavian music and dance across the country at various events and schools.   He is our strolling minstrel throughout the festival.


These upbeat musicians from Albuquerque primarily play Scandinavian immigrant music you can dance to.  The origins of their music are from the USA, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.   Their instruments are both traditional, such as the fiddle, and also instruments the immigrants began using after arriving in America, like the banjo, accordion, string bass and guitar.


This unique group of energetic young folk dancers from Decorah Iowa was founded in 1966 to dance at Decorah's annual summer Nordic Fest. The Senior Dancers who will be performing here consist of twelfth graders who have been dancing together since third grade and are accompanied by the Nordic Dancers Orchestra.  Previous groups of their dancers and musicians have performed throughout the United States and in Norway.


The Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers are a group of high school dancers and musicians from Lindsborg, Kansas, dedicated to promoting the study and appreciation of traditional Swedish folk dance and music.   Through performances at local festivals and celebrations and on tour throughout the United States and Scandinavia, they seek to preserve their community's Swedish heritage, and encourage the continued recognition and observation of Swedish customs and folklore.   In 2013 the organization celebrated its 50th year as a one-of-a-kind cultural icon.


The Swedish Folk Dance Club of Denver has enjoyed performing at the Estes Park Midsummer Festival since 2012. This group was formed by Maryann and Bryan Soderberg who previously danced for 25 years in California, before recently moving to Denver. The dance group has kept very busy with performances at IKEA Smorgasbord Dinners, Anthem Ranch, YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch and Ryssby Church. This summer they will be helping teach some of the dances. The group meets regularly most Wednesday evenings at the Eastridge Recreation Center in Highlands Ranch. They are excited about the Estes Park Midsummer Festival and always look forward to participating.



They M & M Dancers are a group of elementary school age singers and dancers, founded and directed by Marcia Green, who have been a part of the music program at Trinity Lutheran Church in Loveland Colorado for almost twenty years. They lead audience participation in easy folk dances around the maypole, and are especially popular with families and young children.


The Folkdancers were started by a group of members of the VASA Order of America in the early 1970's. The group's goal is to preserve traditional dances and costumes of Scandinavia. Primarily made-up of Norwegians and Swedes, they wear traditional costumes that are a mixture of original Scandinavian and United States made replicas, and they always present a colorful performance. The dances are from Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, and range from child-like fun movements, to more intricately woven pieces.



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